MyDaily works. Here's how

1. The programme starts

You have chosen a plan and are now ready to take the first step towards your easy and dependable weight loss journeyMeet your personal weight loss coach who will help you lose weightExplain your diet and lifestyle to your personal coach and we will create a start working on a customized plan

2. Start losing weight

Over the duration of your plan, we will help you make small changes that will lead to big weight lossGet a customized lifestyle & diet plan which works for you from you coachEat tasty & effective food products that you will receive with your planStart losing weight under the continous guidance of your personal coach

3. Maintain your weight

After the completion of your plan, you will move to a maintenance plan where we will help you stay fit for lifeContinue getting support from you weight loss coachStay at your fittest with our effective food productsFeel great about yourself. Lead a fit and enriched life

Our weight loss coaches

Our weight loss coaches are all registered dieticians and have over the years helped a lot of customers lose weightThey will work with you and support you all the way, this way they ensure your successThey will monitor your progress and will help clear and doubts or questions you may have along the wayThey will keep you on track and ensure your weight loss

Choose your weight loss plan

1 week - Starter weight loss
₹​1,499 ₹​2,299
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Personalized 1 week diet plan
7 servings - Perfect meal (included)
14 servings - Green tea (included)
7 servigns - Protein meal (included)
Anytime personal coach support
1 month - Quick weight loss
₹​5,499 ₹​6,499
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Personalized 1 month diet plan
Diet plan is updated every week
30 servings - Perfect meal (included)
60 servings - Green tea (included)
30 servings - Protein meal (included)
Anytime personal coach support
3 month - Sustained weight loss
₹​14,499 ₹​22,499
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Personalized 3 month diet plan
Diet plan is updated every week
90 servings - Perfect meal (included)
180 servings - Green tea (included)
90 servings - Protein meal (included)
Anytime personal coach support

For our customers, weight loss is easy

Weight loss coach kept me engaged & motivated. They made small changes in my diet that worked.Soumi lost 7kgs before her vacation trip
The perfect meal replacements were amazing. Tasty & easy, fit right into my busy schedule.Aditya lost 6kgs and is back to running
For me, this wasn't a one time weight loss, I have not only lost weight, but I have stayed fit.Chinar lost 8kgs and has kept it off
The coach really helped me follow the diet plan through the weeks before my wedding.Ruchi lost 5kgs before her wedding
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